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The village of Filoti is located in the center of Naxos and is 18 kilometers from Naxos Town. In the village you can find Super Market, traditional taverns, traditional cafes, coffee bars and tourist shops as a pharmacy, a clinic, A.T.M, police station and a post office.

Still for those who love hiking to say that here starts the ancient path for the top of the Mountain Zeus. It is a quiet place for relaxation and relaxation.

The Philoti is located in the center of Naxos, at an altitude of around 400 meters.

The named flexi is due to an ancient topony that is rather from the Ionian nickname Filotis found in Thassos.

The village is built amphitheatrically on three hills (Karfos, Rahidi, Karsipino) and a piece of it spreads to the isophyteret that is in front of them (LIOYRI).

The village is surrounded by everywhere with mountains that climb to the highest peak of the Cyclades, the legendary “ZA” (1004 meters high). According to mythology on the mountain, she spent his childhood, crypted by Saturn’s Paligian father, the father of the gods of Zeus (Zeys -> Zas). On the mountain there is a marked the inscription: TERMOS OF MILICS, perurosely replicated means a “border of the jupiter of the apple (apple protector, that is, sheep). In the western roots of the mountain is the “Cave of Za”. The approach is done by the road leading to Agia Irini Chrysovaladou (south of the village) and passes through the “Arion Vrissi”.

The Filotis is the largest village of Cyclades with about 1,800 permanent residents, living – mainly – from agriculture and livestock farming.

In particular, it has the great local production of famous livestock products (meats, mulbs, sour), anthotyra, cephalotiria, honey, etc.), is a chapel with vivid vitality. The remarkable element of the village’s social life is that it keeps alive – harmoniously integrated into its modern everyday life – enough details of its tradition. In the fishery they sing and dance with every occasion with violin and lute, but also with Tzambouna and Toumpaki.

Village Filoti